11/15/19 English 1CP and 1H Agenda

Go to Google Classroom


Yearbook survey: http://bit.ly/YBK_LOVE
This survey is for the yearbook class to help them build the yearbook.

Baby survey:


Some students have requested to be able to guess the sex of the baby and suggest names. Correct guesses of gender get a prize.


WOW survey: http://bit.ly/WOWdiagnostic

Now go to NoRedInk and complete your pre-diagnostic and the short Adjective Practice



11/15/19 Criminal Law/Mock Trial

Go to Google Classroom and open the document with the direct questions in it

Choose FOUR questions and write one well thought out answer for each of those four questions.  Write well thought out and developed answers.  5 points per question (20 points). Answer extra questions for extra credit.

Due at the end of class.

11/14 English 1H Agenda


Quiz on Reading


In groups of four or less, choose two people to act out the meeting of Ultima and Antonio.  The other people will read the section out loud while the two actors follow along with their actions.

Rewrite Antonio’s dream…from Ultima’s perspective.

Homework: Read chapters 3 and 4


11/14 Criminal Law

Review videos of opening and closing statement


One more witness/attorney


11/11/19-11/13/19 English 1H


Finish presentations

After reading through page 13 as a class:

a. Close reading of Antonio’s dream of his birth and how it inspires Antonio to want to know more.
b. Close reading of the first meeting Antonio/Ultima and how the two of them have an unseen bond.

Highlight important words/parts, circle words you do not know, write notes in the margin of the book asking questions, pointing out detail, or showing that something is vital.  Feel free to use symbols like ! or ? or 😊 or ☹


Read through chapter Dos.


Presentations BURP


Veteran’s Day

11/11/19-11/13/19 English 1CP


Please take out your “Sold” novel and your notebooks.  Open to your notebooks to page 9 from yesterday.

Finish Presentations

Go through India slides for “Sold”

Read first two vignettes with focus on what we learn about our main characters and her supporting characters.  Use rest of class to have them read through page 9, being ready to answer the same questions tomorrow.

From now on:    GUM = automatic detention

Drawing on furniture/desks/property that isn’t yours = lunch scraping gum

Destroying my furniture/stuff = automatic detention


Presentations BURP


Veteran’s Day

Crim Law 10/28-11/13


Opening Statement Closing Argument

–        Outlining facts of the case

–        Introduces the basics of the disagreement

–        Lays out blueprint of the trial

–        “Mr. James will testify…”

–        “Mr. James will tell us…”

–        “The evidence will show…”





– Persuade jurors to interpret facts in their favor

–        Witnesses credibility

–        How pieces of the puzzle fit together

–        What the significance of the facts in the trial are

Present attorney and witness direct questions.


Finish court scene from Monterrey


Veterans Day


Watch competition winning team on youtube


Go over direct and closed questions using 20 questions.  Play twice.

Open up document of all witnesses and write/edit questions


Fire days


Half day – objection practice using whiteboards

10/28-11/8 English 1CP & 1H Agendas

I’m out of the classroom.
NoRedInk – complete assessment and new assignment
BURP Presentation Notes
BURP due Tuesday (50 points)
All Classes: Mini Writing Lesson (Quote Sandwich)
                          BURP Projects
English CP (Periods 1, 2, 3, 6): Work on BURP
English H: Presentations Continued
All classes: Present Projects
All Classes: Last work day for Novel Projects
10/31-11/1 Fire Days – No School
Minimum Day
Periods 1, 2, 3, & 6:
Read for 10 minutes
Assign group BURP project (on Google Classroom)
Period 5:
Complete reading “The Metamorphosis”

Choose two elements of Marxist Literary Criticism that you feel are seen throughout the literary piece.

Find two examples of how each one of those elements are met using concrete details (evidence/quotes/paraphrase).

For example:

First Element Chosen:
1) First concrete detail for first element
2) Second concrete detail for first element
Second Element Chosen:
1) First concrete detail for second element
2) Second concrete detail for second element

Type using complete sentences, spelling, and mechanics. Submit here by creating your own document and turning it in. Due tomorrow before class.

Period 5: instructions in Google Classroom.
Periods 1, 2, 3, and 6:
Silent read individual books for 15 minutes.
Open notebooks. Make a new page titled “Sold Vocabulary.” I will check this work,on Wednesday. On that page write down the following vocabulary words and look up/write down their definitions:
1. Haughty
2. Tawny
3. Perpetual
4. Auspicious
5. Indignation
6. Entranced
7. Shorn
8. Mongrel
9. Bleating
10. Seering
11. Sheen
12. Tentative
13. Pariah
14. Furtively
15. Vexed
16. Antic
17. Paltry
18. Feign
19. Fervor
20. Stew
21. Bray
22. Formidable
Periods 1, 2, 3, & 6:
Get “Sold” From the library
Silent read independent books and work on novel project

Criminal Law

October 21-25

Review main objections used in court (Monday and Tuesday)

Kahoot on objections, studying objections (Wednesday)


Witnesses: Please ensure that your annotations on your characters are complete.

Please write 10 questions you feel your attorney should ask

Please write 5 questions you feel the opposing attorney should ask

I will check annotations and your 15 questions tomorrow for a total of 30 points.

Attorneys:  Please have at least one witnesses direct examination questions and another’s cross examination questions done.  This will be 30 points I will check tomorrow.

Timekeepers: distribute your time cards and choose a witness to annotate.  Time card verification and annotations checked tomorrow for 30 points.

Bailiffs:  Are your notecards done?  Take thorough notes on your rules of the courtroom in your notebook.  I will check notecards and notes tomorrow for 30 points.

Pretrial: Please annotate and have summaries for at least three cases from the case packet.


Annotate witness statements, assign different witnesses to attorneys


Review roles with veteran team members


No class


Go over roles and purposes


Discuss your role and purpose with your team.  Write on the board.


Go over errata one by one

10/7/19 – 10/10/19

Auditions for different trial parts


Character sketch for witness testimony is attached in Google Classroom.

Attorney would-bes need to prepare an opening statement. Start first with page 5 section E in the textbook to guide you into this process. Next look at page 21 for opening statement prep.

After, look at the elements of the crime you want to defend/prosecute. Finally, attempt an opening statement.