8/31 Drama Agenda

Break into pods and ask each other the following questions:

Open Discussion Questions

Who has taken drama before?

Been in a play? Favorite play?

Favorite subject?

Dream job?

Favorite color?

Biggest fear?

Random fact?

MAKING INQUIRIES – acting warm up

  • divide into pairs and each pair decides who is ‘A’ and who is ‘B’
  • A must find out as much as he can about B in 2 minutes
  • At the end of that time, the As stay where they are and the Bs change partners
  • TWIST: now B is a policeman who is suspicious of A and intends to question him
  • A must act as the B he has just questioned. He must remember all the details that he can from that conversation so that when the new B starts questioning him – about his name, address, and so on – he can answer with detailed information, in role as his former partner. (When he can’t remember, he is at liberty to invent.)

All Change – Conversations – another warm up!

  • The class divides into pairs and decide on who is ‘A’ and who is ‘B’
  • The teacher then gives the class a simple and straightforward topic for conversation, or a situation
  • They converse for a minute or two and then the teacher interrupts with fresh instructions that alter the situation partially but not completely
  • Teacher continues to make changes, with increasing swiftness and strangeness, as the game progresses.



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