9/19 Drama Agenda

Choose to interpret this question any way you see fit, and write at least four sentences on it.
Cook or painter?

The Rules of Improv
RULE ONE: Offer and Accept
A: Wow, did you see that elephant over there?
B: No. What are you talking about?
A: Wow, did you see that elephant over there?
B: WOW! That’s the biggest elephant I’ve ever seen! Where do you suppose it came from?

Yes, and – improv practice
This is a nice little game that trains students to accept offers and add to them. Like in the second example above, B accepts the existence of the elephant, and offers a question as an addition to his acceptance.

1. Divide the class into two even lines, line A and line B

2. Begin with the students who are at the top of the lines. Ask the student in the A line to come up with an offer. The student in the B line must accept and add to it. A must then accept B’s addition, and add to it again.

A: Would you like to cut my hair for me?
B: Yes!I have a hairdressing set in my room, let’s do it there.
A: Great! I’ll bring a picture of what I want it to look like.

3. When they’re finished, each student will go to the end of the line, and switch roles.

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