10/13 English 9RCP & English 1 Agenda


Creative writing: write me a short half page story that includes the following sentence:

And that was the moment that I learned to fear the silence.

In your textbooks, we dissected each part of “The Bells” by EAP, by listening to parts I, II, III, and IV separately.  After we listened to one part, we answered the following questions:

(1) What does this stanza of the poem mean or signify?
(2) What did you find interesting?
(3) What did you find confusing?

Then we would listen to the second part, answer the above questions, and so on until the end of the poem.

After, the the class got into pairs and answered the following questions in discussion:

(1) Regarding the meaning of the stanzas, do you agree or disagree with your partner?
(2) What is the story line (plot, or what happened)?
(3) What did the both of you find most interesting in the poem?
(4) What did the both of you find most confusing about the poem?

Then we discussed as a class.

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