10/19 Drama Agenda


Write a letter to yourself—a letter you’ll read again when the
school year is over. Write about where you are right now, for better or for worse.  Then mention a few areas where you want to try harder and do better. Finally, include some things you’d simply like to do differently.

Monologue Work

Types of Monologue

  • Comedic – heightened drama; humorous
  • Dramatic  – thoughtful and serious

Elements of Monologue

Character – the person speaking

Objective/viewpoint – what the character wants

Obstacle – anything that gets in the way of the character’s objective

Conflict – character faced with obstacle and must confront it

Resolution – decision or action that the character takes to fix or end the conflict

Finally, we used the elements to pick apart and analyze the monologues that were chosen for each student.

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