10/3 Drama Agenda

ABC Improv Presentation

Duo-Improvisation Scenarios

  1. Awaiting a friend to come and play chess, you prepare the chessboard.  When your friend arrives both begin to play.  The game is close and your friend loses.  He accuses you of cheating and there is a heated argument.  He walks out angrily.
  2. You enter a shoe store and sit to be waited on.  You describe to the clerk the type of shoe you want.  He brings three pairs.  You try on two pairs and decide to take the first pair.  The clerk thinks the second pair looks better and attempts to change your mind.  The scene ends with you buying both pairs.
  3. You are reading a very humorous book in a public library.  You laugh aloud.  The librarian reminds you that you must maintain silence.  You are embarrassed and apologize, but return to your reading.  Again you laugh aloud and the librarian rebukes you.  You move to another seat and resume reading.  This time when you laugh, the librarian asks you to leave.  You persuade her to read from your book.  She does, and breaks into loud laughter.
  4. You stealthily enter the kitchen.  You place a step stool near the cupboard and climb to where you can reach the cake box on the top shelf.  You get it down and cut yourself a slice of freshly baked cake.  Your sister enters.  When she sees what you have done, she is furious since the cake was for a cooked food sale.  You make a flippant remark, and she grabs the nearest implement and chases you out the door.  She returns feeling discouraged and begins to eat the piece of cake you cut.

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