10/30 Drama Agenda

Sneeze 10/30/17

Who was the weirdest person you have ever met, describe why you feel they are weird?

Text, subtext, context:



  1. Who am I? (name/age)
  2. How am I dressed? (be specific)
  3. Am I holding or carrying anything?
  4. What do I do for a living?
  5. Where am I?
  6. What do I see around me?
  7. What do I feel, hear, and smell?
  8. Who am I speaking to?
  9. What is my relationship to this person?
  10. What do I want? (my objective)
  11. What is in my way? (obstacles)
  12. How will I get what I want? (strategy)
  13. What am I doing moments before I speak?
  14. Do I get what I want in the end? Have I changed?


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