10/5, 10/6, & 10/9 English 1 Agenda


Khan set-up in CCC

10/6 and 10/9

Please answer the following questions. Each answer should be ONLY one sentence.  Use “Annabel Lee” by Poe on page 198 of your textbooks.

  1. Write a sentence that tells something about the setting (time and place) in your reading. Please include the title and the author’s first and last name.
  2. Write a sentence that identifies a conflict in the reading, which includes the author’s last name (man v. himself; man v. man; man v. machine; man v. nature).
  3. Tell something important about the main character by quoting a phrase from the story and incorporating it into your sentence.
  4. Explain the behavior of the main character in a sentence of your own. Use a colon (:) to attach a quote to your statement to support your claim.
  5. Tell something about another character’s actions.
  6. Explain how the other character feels about the main character.
  7. Tell something about the conclusion of the story.

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