11/27/17 Drama Agenda

The following was added to Google Classroom to keep you on task.  All due by the end of tomorrow.
Due Tomorrow

#004 – Subtext

Make the document double spaced and try to write in subtext.

Once done, write your monologue out 5 times by hand.

Due Tomorrow

#003 – Written monologue

Write your monologue keeping in mind the requirements, who your character is, what the tone should be, and the conflict.

Type your monologue. Mark up your monologue by underlining, highlighting, and changing font colors to demonstrate where the check list is met. Make a key for me to follow.

Due Today

#002 – Written out checklist

Look back at your notes from the PowerPoint to determine what is NECESSARY for a monologue. Do you remember that slide that looked like a rubric? Make a check list.

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