11/3 English 9RCP & English 1

Sneeze 11/3/17

Write Imaginary Definitions of Unknown Words

Find a word you are not sure how to define. Then create an imaginary definition for it. Be inspired and your imagination will help you produce the most vivid descriptions. Repeat this exercise for all of these words so that you feel that your brain is warmed up enough to proceed with your main task.


very weak or slight.

“the tenuous link between interest rates and investment”


excessively harsh and severe


(especially of a person) unfortunate.

“if you’re one of the many hapless car buyers who’ve been shafted”


giving or being a sign of future success.

“they said it was an auspicious moon—it was rising”


(especially of speech, writing, or ideas) pompous or pretentious.

“you don’t want any highfalutin talk”

Peer Editing Your Paragraphs!

We are going to edit each other’s paragraphs and then rewrite them for perfection.

I am going to pass out random papers.  You are going to write who it is corrected by.  Follow this format:

C/B: ________(your name)_____________________

Write down this checklist on their paper under your name:

  1. Did you mention the author and the title of the article?
  2. Did you identify the main idea at the beginning of your summary?
  3. Did you include all the important points?
  4. Did you leave out the unnecessary details?
  5. Did you write the ideas in the order in which they appeared in the article?
  6. Did you keep the author’s meaning the same?
  7. Did you use your own words?
  8. Did you use transitions?
  9. Are there any noticeable misspellings?

Go down the checklist one item at a time.  Write the number next to where the mistake was made.  If they did the task, then write a “Y” next to the number.


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