11/6 English 1 & English 9RCP

We went to the computer lab to type up our paragraphs and submit them using Google Classroom and Google Drive.

Please upload your paragraph by the end of the period.


Click on Google Drive in your waffle. The waffle is the checkered square in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click the waffle and then click the icon that looks like a blue, yellow, and green triangle.

From there, click the blue button that says “NEW” in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Go down four rows to the icon that is a blue sheet of paper and says “Google Docs.” Click this icon. This will take you to a brand new document.

On top of the document is a title that reads “untitled document;” we need to change this so it reads as your own title. Click on “Untitled Document” and type: #001 First Name Last Name. If it were my document, my title would be: #001 Jennifer Navarro. This is your assignment number and your name! You will always use an assignment number and your name as your title.

Put your heading in the upper right corner, and begin typing your summary paragraph for “The Black Cat.” Edit as you go. Work SILENTLY and EFFICIENTLY. When you are done, raise your hand for my APPROVAL.

After I approve your paragraph, submit your paragraph on Google Classroom!

1. Click the class and then click the assignment
2. Next to Add, click the Down arrow and then Drive Triangle
3. Select your file
4. Click TURN IN and confirm




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