11/9 & 11/13 English 9RCP

`11/9 Today we finished the Socratic Seminar.  Great job guys!  I think we really made some progress!  If you were absent, you might want to see me to earn those TEN POINTS!  Before class was adjourned, we answered the four questions listed on the previous seminar class in our notebooks.

11/13 – SUBJECT + Predicate = complete sentence

11/13 Sneeze

How do you warm up? It’s easy. Just take an empty sheet of paper and a pen and write down any thought that comes to your mind, for TEN minutes. The only thing that matters is that you put words on paper, period.

You might think: “But what if I have nothing to say? What if I run out of ideas?” The truth is your mind is never completely empty. However, there may be thoughts you may feel uncomfortable putting on paper, thoughts that are too incoherent, too embarrassing, or too silly. For the purpose of the warm-up, none of this matters. Just write it down anyway.

And if you truly don’t know what to write, just write that. It is fine to just write “I really have no idea what to write now. I’m supposed to write without pause, but my mind is empty. What can I write when I have nothing to write?”

What does this mean?  What is a subject?  What is a predicate?  Learning definitions, identification, and application through a worksheet in our notebooks and flashcards.

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