11/9 Drama

Let’s Get Monologue-ing!

  • If you don’t develop a good character, you cannot have a good monologue
  • Don’t sit in the easy seat when you want to write monologue. Write about something that is NOT about YOU. (Note: You must admit, this will challenge you, and I love a challenge.)
  • Go to where people tell you not to go — Taboo Land.
  • Find your hook – this is your first sentence and it makes me want to know more!
  • We MUST feel your character’s heartbeat in their monologue. Should have attitude.
  • Monologue does not have to have just one emotion.
  • If you write something phony, it brings your work to a standstill.
  • Do not write about something you do not have feelings about.
  • To make it real– it must have connections to other things:  place, personalities that are insinuated, etc.
  • Need a tone to your dialogue. Needs to sound individual. Imbed the tone into the monologue.
  • When writing a monologue, remember what it is– don’t make it its own novel within your novel.
  • You must know who you are to write good dialogue.


Order of writing:


  1. You must choose a topic from within the parameters previously discussed and get it approved
  2. Write the first three sentences of your monologue to perfection and get them approved
  3. Next, write a character sketch for your character using the questions provided and get that approved
  4. Look back at your notes from the PowerPoint to determine what is NECESSARY for a monologue. Do you remember that slide that looked like a rubric? Make a check list.    Make a checklist.
  5. Write your monologue keeping in mind the requirements, who your character is, what the tone should be, and the conflict. Get your rough draft approved.
  6. Type your monologue. Mark up your monologue by underlining, highlighting, and changing font colors to demonstrate where the check list is met.
  7. Make the document double spaced and try to write in subtext. Get the subtext approved.
  8. Find your voice. What does this character sound like?  Stand like?  Try saying your monologue in character.

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