English 1 & 9RCP Agenda 11/13-11/17


Today we went over what the project will be about for The Odyssey.  

PowerPoint Requirements

  • Title slide

o Must contain a title and everyone’s name

  • Table of Contents slide

o This is a table of contents

o Be sure to include all of yourcontent slides and your summary slide.

  • 5 content slides – who what where when why

o The content slides must contain a\ title and text. Make sure the text is a  brief summary of your research. It must be in your own words too.

o Each slide should have a meaningful -picture.

  • Summary slide

o In one paragraph, summarize all of the information from your presentation.

  • Works Cited slide

o All of your sources must be listed in MLA format.

Presentation Requirements
• The presentation must be 3 to 5minuteslong
• Every person in the group must participate and speak in the presentation

Here are the group assignments:



Research day


Review CAASPP expectations, format, and strategies.


Take the CAASPP.

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