12/11 Drama Agenda



Read the above article to answer the following questions, and turn in on Google Classroom:

Before I Read:

  1. Based on the title, I thought the piece of writing was about….
  2. Some things I already know about this topic are….
  3. My purpose for reading this article was….
  4. After I skimmed the article, some strategies I decided to use when I read it were….

While I Read:

  1. The unfamiliar words/terms I encountered are listed below along with what I think each word meant in the article.
  2. The main idea(s) of the article are listed below.
  3. Vital details and facts I found to support these main ideas were….
  4. Opinions that were used in the article included….
  5. Ways that facts and opinions were used to support an idea or argument were….
  6. Inferences made in the article included….
  7. The tone of this piece of writing suggested….

After I Read:

  1. I had the following thoughts/reflections about the piece of writing….
  2. I could summarize this piece of writing by saying….
  3. The questions I had about this topic after reading this piece of writing were….

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