12/19-12/20 English 2 Agenda

Textual Evidence!  The hunt for evidence and analysis continues!

12/19/17 Sneeze

Pick one thing in your life that isn’t going the way you want it to go.  Is it a relationship with a family member?  A grade in a class?  A friendship?  What is it?  Write about what is going wrong.  Next tell me three ways to improve the situation.  What could you do to make things better for yourself?

Textual Evidence article and analysis: textual evidence

12/20 Sneeze

Describe the worst gift you have every received or the worst gift you could possibly give, that would beat the “My First Firestarter Kit” for ages 2 and up.  Write 4-6 sentences.  Share as a class.

Textual Evidence:  Follow these instructions with this video:

  1. 3 min: Show an excerpt of Colbert video (minute markers 1:50–2:27*), ask students to notice how he leads into a quote, how much of the quote he uses, and then how he continues after the quote.

    discuss what they find

  2. 10 min: Short Text Evidence Presentation
    1. when to quote
    2. common errors in quoting
    3. ”quote sandwich”–show a second excerpt from Colbert video (minute markers 2:27–4:00), have them talk about what parts were “part of the sandwich”
    4. show examples of good intro and supporting sentences (and explain why they are absolutely necessary–stress that if they take anything away, this should be it)—possibly excerpts from newspapers, etc.
  3. 10 min: Writing activity. Have each student pick a quote from their essays, and use it properly in the sandwich as an exit ticket for class participation points.

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