1/31 English 1 & 9RCP Agenda


When you were a child, was there a neighbor, family member, or place that scared you? Describe that person/place as you remember them.

Half page


What is the problem?
What would you do?
As a group, work out a strategy to find a solution to the problem.
1. Your friend has been suspended from school for something she/he did not do.
2. A teacher is unfairly treating your friend because of his/her race.
3. You are a shopkeeper. You have had problems with teenagers stealing so you won’t let more than two teenagers into the store at the same time.
4. You feel that classmates are constantly picking on and bullying you.
5. You copied the answers on a test and received a good mark, while your friend who also cheated was caught and given a zero.
6. You are not given the correct change in a store. Even after asking the clerk to check, you do not get the correct change.
7. Even though your teacher explains why you received a poor mark on your
essay, you still do not understand why. The teacher doesn’t have the time or
desire to explain it to you again.
8. You know that you are supposed to help at home, but you don’t want to. Your mom gets on your case in a big way.

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