1/9-1/11 Drama Agenda


Students are given the quote, “You didn’t sit on the red couch, did you?” and asked to write a script that includes this line of dialogue.  They are required to write in proper script format.  While they are writing, I will be conducting grade checks.


Substitute: Students are given worksheet 3 Story Structure.  They read a story called, “The Slave and the Lion” and then completed the discussion activity and answered the short story questions.


Students were shown a short episode of Friends from Season 2 Episode 21.  While watching they are noting the thirteen different scenes in the play, and describing them in their notebooks.  After, students engage in two more activities.

Pair and share questions:

Would it be effective if:
(1) Chandler and Ross accept the bullies’ offer to “take it outside” in Scene 5, and the same things happen as in Scenes 11 and 12. Why?
(2) Chandler and Ross decide to never return to the coffee shop after the confrontation in Scene 5. Why?
(3) Chandler and Ross were to actually have a bloody fist fight in the street with the bullies, finally vanquishing their foes? Why?


Stories tend to have three acts:
Act I: set-up
Act II: confrontation
Act III: resolution

(1) Break the bullies story down into these three acts.
(2) What are two key events/plot points that separate the acts?

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