1/18 English 1 & 9RCP Agenda

Copy the “Fortify Chart” as shown from yesterday’s agenda.

Fortify means to strengthen or build up.  We use fortify to explain why our thesis is true based on a piece of evidence.

Use the painting to create and fortify.

Read the rest of Book 9.

Read and answer the questions on Page 914: numbers 4, 5, and the beige sidebar

One per group

1/17 English 1 & English 9RCP Agenda

Students copied the “create” portion of the following diagram into their notebooks:

Students went over the definition of prompt and wrote it down:

  • statements that focus on a topic or an issue, followed by questions
  • the purpose of a prompt is to inspire an answer – whether it is written or verbal

Students then answered the prompt, “What do you believe is happening in this painting” and instructed to use part of the prompt to respond.  “In this painting…”  https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/monster/images/d/d4/Scylla.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110130211232

Students wrote their thesis statements on the board.  Students chosen at random.

After, students read, as a whole class, more of The Odyssey, Book 9.

1/17 English 2 Agenda

Students came into class, got out their notebooks, and retrieved a copy of Animal Farm.  Students formatted a page in their notebooks for Cornell Notes.  EQ: What is a theme?

Students watched this video twice, taking notes, and then comparing notes with their neighbors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIuKNVny9cM

We read, as a class, pages 3-12 of the novel.

1/16 Drama Agenda

Go over screenplay key terms (again).  Write on board and in notes.  Complete drama project from last class, using these terms.

Grade check in.

1/16 English 2 Agenda


You’re a detective at your local police station.  You walk up to the station one day to find a dead body on the steps.  The body looks exactly like you.

Write 1/2 page based on this creative writing prompt in your notebooks.


Essays – Due THURSDAY 1/18

Work on rough drafts using peer editing and self editing techniques.

1/16 English 1 & 9RCP Agenda

Write down the following reading comprehension questions before we begin to read Book 9 of The Odyssey. 


  1. How does Odysseus introduce himself to the Phaeacians?
  2. Describe how Odysseus rescued his men from the Lotus Eaters.
  3. What kind of social life do the Cyclopes have?
  4. Why did Odysseus ignore the crew’s suggestion?
  5. What will be Polyphemus’s gift to Odysseus?
  6. Explain why Polyphemus’s brothers did not help him.
  7. What was Odysseus reasoning as he called out to Polyphemus that he, Odysseus,was the one who put out his eye?
  8. Why did Aeolus let the West Wind out?
  9. Why did the ships go back to Aeolia?

Begin reading on page The Odyssey on page 185.

1/12 Drama Agenda

Take the pieces of the script I give you and paste them on paper, organizing them in the way you believe to be correct.  Put all parts in the proper alignment and positioning you believe they should be.  After you have completed this, label all parts of the script key terms clearly.

1/12 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas

Complete close reading packet from yesterday.

Turn to page 890 in your text book.

Independently or with your neighbors, read pages 890-891.

Get out a piece of paper.  One per person. Please summarize the content of each major subheading.  They are in red.  You should have a summary for: (1) The Epic, (2) The Heroic Tradition, (3) Epic Hero, and (4) The Craft of the Epic.

I expect well structured, complete sentences that really tell me what it is you read.  I am looking for depth of understanding and for it to be written in your own words, not the book’s.

Put your name on it.

1/9-1/11 Drama Agenda


Students are given the quote, “You didn’t sit on the red couch, did you?” and asked to write a script that includes this line of dialogue.  They are required to write in proper script format.  While they are writing, I will be conducting grade checks.


Substitute: Students are given worksheet 3 Story Structure.  They read a story called, “The Slave and the Lion” and then completed the discussion activity and answered the short story questions.


Students were shown a short episode of Friends from Season 2 Episode 21.  While watching they are noting the thirteen different scenes in the play, and describing them in their notebooks.  After, students engage in two more activities.

Pair and share questions:

Would it be effective if:
(1) Chandler and Ross accept the bullies’ offer to “take it outside” in Scene 5, and the same things happen as in Scenes 11 and 12. Why?
(2) Chandler and Ross decide to never return to the coffee shop after the confrontation in Scene 5. Why?
(3) Chandler and Ross were to actually have a bloody fist fight in the street with the bullies, finally vanquishing their foes? Why?


Stories tend to have three acts:
Act I: set-up
Act II: confrontation
Act III: resolution

(1) Break the bullies story down into these three acts.
(2) What are two key events/plot points that separate the acts?