2/13-2/16 English 1 Agendas


Diction, Connotation, Denotation Exercises

What is a symbol? something that not only represents itself, but also represents something else simultaneously

Put up pictures of 10 symbols

Use this sentence frame for each symbol:

Literally, this is an image of                                               


figuratively, it is associated with   ___________.

Mending Wall, by Robert Frost – We do

Mother to Son, by Langston Hughes

Scottsboro Boys: An American Tragedy

Corresponding Questions:

What is the crime that has been committed?
Do you think the nine boys are guilty? Why or why not?
Transcript What did the girls have to gain by accusing the black men of rape?
What disadvantages were the nine boys facing?
How did the time period contribute to the trouble that arose?
How did the actions of society shape the individuals involved in the Scottsboro trial?

2/15 & 2/16

Finish up Scottsboro Questions (20 points)

Read through chapter 9 and answer all questions in complete sentences (30 points)

Chapters 6-9 QA TKAM

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