2/20-2/21 Drama Agendas


It is finally that time!  Time to start writing your own screenplay.

You MAY work in PAIRS (no more than two people) but you do not have to.  You may work alone, as well.

Today we are going to begin by deciding if the plot you chose before is the one you want to stick with.  Whether it is or isn’t, you must draw a plot triangle/mountain reflecting the parts of your storyline.

Next, come get a character worksheet from me.  This is meant to help you begin organizing who your characters are, on a deeper level.


Sneeze 2/21

We knew that they were going to take over the world…we just weren’t prepared for how cute they were…

Tell a short story.

Write slugline and opening setting/character descriptions.

Steps to writing a script:

  1. Slugline
  2. Setting/character descriptions, inserted as they change, evolve, or are added
  3. dialogue
  4. scene direction/action/block action
  5. subtext

Samples of slug lines and descriptions for scripts:





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