2/5-2/8 Drama Agendas


Open to your notes from last Friday.  Review your notes, the parts of the three act play and Freytag’s pyramid.  Be ready to label various parts of the climb.  I will call on you at random.

Separate this one act play into what COULD be three acts, and label the parts of Freytag’s pyramid as they would appear in the film.  I’ll help you do the first one.

Now, do it on your own.



Write comedy sketches – 5 minutes in length

Group Challenge
Group One Team Should I Upgrade my Cellphone?
Group Two Team Zombies in Spaceships are Invading our Town!
Group Three Team My Favorite TV Show Might be Cancelled!
Group Four Team I am Stuck in the Fast Food Drive-Thru!
Group Five Team I Can’t Figure out How to Use my Computer!
Group Six Team Where is the Shoe Store in this Mall?
  • Finally, take turns presenting their comedy sketches to the entire class.  Complete by end of class on 2/7.  Present on 2/8.

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