2/7 English 1 Agenda

Sneeze 2/7

Think of a time where you and your parents (or a teacher/other adult) misunderstood each other or came into conflict because you were from different generations.

How did your parents’ world and upbringing affect their point of view?

How did your world affect your point of view?

GROUP WORK – groups of six

Each student reads his or her text – or examines the visual – and answers the text-dependent questions in the corresponding box on the handout.

After 5 minutes, signal students to pass their handout to the person on their left.

Repeat this process until each student has read all six handouts.

After everyone in the group has responded to the questions on the handout, students should share their responses, in a Round-Robin format, text-by-text, adding or revising information as needed.


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