3/12-3/14 English 1 Agenda


Sneeze 3/12/18

Imagine that you are writing an opinion piece for your local newspaper on the annual time change. Do you think it is valuable and necessary? Confusing and disruptive? Somewhere in between? Explain your reasons for defending or criticizing daylight saving time.  Describe how much better or worse off you and other citizens would be if the policy were to change.


Go over character chart…choose students with EXPO markers to write their findings on the board.  Have them choose the next students to write, until the board is full enough.  Discuss.  Who is the favorite character?



Chapter 19

  1. What problem did Tom have while he was being sworn in?
  2. What does Atticus get Tom Robinson to say about himself right away?
  3. Why did Tom get charged with disorderly conduct?
  4. Whose field does Tom work in?
  5. How is Tom’s account of the chiffarobe incident different than Mayella’s?
  6. How does Tom contradict Mayella’s testimony concerning him coming inside the fence?
  7. How does Scout compare Mayella to Boo Radley?
  8. What trick does Scout use to see if Tom is lying?
  9. Summarize Tom’s testimony of the evening the alleged rape was committed?
  10. According to Tom, what was the only disturbed furniture in the room?
  11. According to Tom, did he harm Mayella in any way?
  12. Who was Bob Ewell talking to when he came into the room?
  13. What does Link Deas interrupt the court to say?
  14. What subject does Mr. Gilmer go back to when he first starts to question Tom?
  15. What is Tom’s answer to Mr. Gilmer’s question about doing Mayella’s chores.
  16. What does Tom say about Mayella’s version of events?
  17. What happened to Dill that made Scout have to leave the courtroom with him?
  18. Who did Scout and Dill meet out under the trees?


Read chapter 19 and answer questions, given yesterday.  Collect at the end of class.


Sneeze 3/14/18

Should teenagers work to help support the family?  How?  Why or why not?

Get student’s opinions and reasons.  Show them how to turn into a thesis statement and three topic sentences.

Get a list of transition words from the class.

No “this shows” or “you.”

Practice thesis and topic sentences in groups.  Share one, discuss strengths, room for improvement, etc.  Move to next, and so on.


Who is the best fictional hero?  Why?


Should teachers carry a firearm in the classroom?


Is it acceptable to break up with a significant other over text message?

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