3/12-3/14 English 2 Agenda


Sneeze 3/12/18

Imagine that you are writing an opinion piece for your local newspaper on the annual time change. Do you think it is valuable and necessary? Confusing and disruptive? Somewhere in between? Explain your reasons for defending or criticizing daylight saving time.  Describe how much better or worse off you and other citizens would be if the policy were to change.


In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, it is a man’s world.  In the Roman world, women were irrelevant.  They were not allowed to speak in public and were barred from the world of politics.  A woman’s main function was to serve in the home.

The Role of Women in Act 2 features female characters more than any other part of the play. We see Calpurnia attempting to convince her husband Caesar to stay home from the Capitol, given her alarming dreams. And we see Portia worrying over her husband Brutus and asking the Soothsayer for news. What can we learn from these moments about the role of women in Shakespeare’s Rome? Do they have any agency, voice, or power?

Answer the following questions in complete paragraphs using topic sentences, concrete evidence, and commentary.  If not answered in this manner, the assignment is incomplete.


  1. In your opinion, who has done the most harm to the Roman state: Brutus, Caesar, Cassius, or Antony? Support with evidence from the play.
  2. Page 794 – Literary Analysis Sidebar – Who might be considered a tragic hero? Why?
  3. How are gender and sexuality presented in the play, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare?





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