3/12-3/14 English 9RCP Agendas

Sneeze 3/12/18

Imagine that you are writing an opinion piece for your local newspaper on the annual time change. Do you think it is valuable and necessary? Confusing and disruptive? Somewhere in between? Explain your reasons for defending or criticizing daylight saving time.  Describe how much better or worse off you and other citizens would be if the policy were to change.

MOB MENTALITY – How have you experienced it?  Do you do things with your group of friends you would not do as an individual?  Think about Mr. Cunningham.

Pull up and look at historical images of mobs in action.

Read the three theories of mob mentality to the class.



Nine Main Characters – What are three defining traits for each character?  How do we know this (find EVIDENCE)?  In other words, you need to find one quote for each trait you choose (3 quotes and 3 traits per character).


Jem, Atticus, Scout, The Cunninghams, Dill, Boo Radley, Aunt Alexandra, Calpurnia, Miss Maudie


Character Chart work from yesterdat


Read round robin chapter 19 in small groups for 20 minutes.  Complete for homework.

Complete character chart.  Turn in notebooks for grading.

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