3/5-3/6 English 2 Agendas


Julius Caesar Act 4, Scenes 1 & 2 Scene Work

Begin Debates



Julius Caesar Act 4, Scene 3 and Act 5, Scene 1

Act 4, Scene 3 Questions

1. Why is Cassius angry?
2. Of what does Brutus accuse Cassius?
3. What did Brutus ask Cassius for that he has not received?
4. What does Cassius offer to let Brutus do? Why?
5. What is really bothering Brutus?
6. The night before Cassius and Brutus plan to fight the forces of Octavius and Antony, what disturbed the sleep of Brutus?
7. What warning is given to Brutus?
8. What reason does Cassius give for the army not marching to Philippi?
9. Why do you think Cassius goes along with Brutus’ plan to march?
10. Why do you think Shakespeare included this scene in the play?

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