3/7 English 9RCP Agenda

Complete reading and questions from yesterday.  If you were on task and had the work done, you have free time to work on another class, get extra credit, do a grade check, or get ahead.

If you want to get ahead, due Friday is the reading and the questions from chapter 17.

1) Who is testifying when Scout, Jem, and Dill enter the courtroom? Be sure to identify this man’s position in the community.

2) What is another word for a court “solicitor”? Who is this person in the story?

3) What brought the Sheriff to the Ewell’s on November 21st?

4) Explain how Mayella identified Tom Robinson. Why was this unfair?

5) Think about the charges against Tom Robinson. Why is Atticus so concerned that no doctor was called?

6) On which side of her face was Mayella beaten?

7) What do Mayella’s injuries indicate about her attacker?

8) In addition to her facial injuries, where else was Mayella injured?

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