3/8 English 9RCP Agenda

Get Maya Angelou poem “Caged Bird” on large paper.  Write notes silently in groups on large poem paper, discussing without talking what the poem is trying to convey.

Do this for 15 minutes.  Write your initials next to your annotations.

Write a paragraph using the paragraph formula create, fortify, clarify, answering the above question.  Each group will turn in one poem written all over with their notes.  Each PERSON will submit their own paragraph.

3/8 English 1 Agenda

Read round robin style in small groups (4 or less) chapter 18.  Finish for homework what you do not complete in class.

Work on character chart.

3/7 English 9RCP Agenda

Complete reading and questions from yesterday.  If you were on task and had the work done, you have free time to work on another class, get extra credit, do a grade check, or get ahead.

If you want to get ahead, due Friday is the reading and the questions from chapter 17.

1) Who is testifying when Scout, Jem, and Dill enter the courtroom? Be sure to identify this man’s position in the community.

2) What is another word for a court “solicitor”? Who is this person in the story?

3) What brought the Sheriff to the Ewell’s on November 21st?

4) Explain how Mayella identified Tom Robinson. Why was this unfair?

5) Think about the charges against Tom Robinson. Why is Atticus so concerned that no doctor was called?

6) On which side of her face was Mayella beaten?

7) What do Mayella’s injuries indicate about her attacker?

8) In addition to her facial injuries, where else was Mayella injured?

3/7 English 1 Agenda

SNEEZE 3/7/18

(a) How did chapters 15-17 illustrate Atticus’s advice to Scout to “climb in someone else’s skin and walk around in it”?

(b) How did these chapters illustrate Atticus’s definition of “courage” in Chapter 11?

Pair and Share followed by Group Discussion

Nine Main Characters – What are three defining traits for each character?  How do we know this (find EVIDENCE)?

Continued tomorrow

3/5-3/6 English 9RCP Agenda



EQ: What are the strategies you can use to create a hook for your introduction paragraphs?

Go over all hook options, while students take notes.

Begin reading chapter 15


Maya Angelou Jigsaw Maya Angelou intro lesson

Finish Chapter 15

Read 16 for Homework and Answer Questions

1. Atticus is in disagreement with Aunt Alexandra over many things. Discuss at least two matters of disagreement and each one’s position or point of view.
2. Paraphrase how Atticus explains the mob’s actions to Scout.
3. Why do you suppose a man like Mr. Underwood (who is a known hater of “Negroes”) was covering Atticus at the jail?
4. Mr. Dolphus Raymond is evidently a complicated and interesting person. Describe his way of life and comment on its effect upon the town.
5. Judge Taylor’s appearance and his ability are two different things. Why do you think this difference exists? Does he appear as he does on purpose?

3/5-3/6 English 1 Agendas


Sneeze 3/5/18

Describe one possession that means the most to you.  Why does it mean so much?

Half page.

Practice writing a hook, bridge, and thesis using the following prompt and sentence frame:


Many people believe that television violence has a negative effect on society. Do you agree or disagree?


Television violence does/does not have a negative effect on society because _______, ________, and _____.

Homework: Read chapter 16


Quiz on Chapter 16

Go over introduction paragraphs

Edit your own introduction paragraphs

Homework: Read Chapter 17

3/5-3/6 English 2 Agendas


Julius Caesar Act 4, Scenes 1 & 2 Scene Work

Begin Debates



Julius Caesar Act 4, Scene 3 and Act 5, Scene 1

Act 4, Scene 3 Questions

1. Why is Cassius angry?
2. Of what does Brutus accuse Cassius?
3. What did Brutus ask Cassius for that he has not received?
4. What does Cassius offer to let Brutus do? Why?
5. What is really bothering Brutus?
6. The night before Cassius and Brutus plan to fight the forces of Octavius and Antony, what disturbed the sleep of Brutus?
7. What warning is given to Brutus?
8. What reason does Cassius give for the army not marching to Philippi?
9. Why do you think Cassius goes along with Brutus’ plan to march?
10. Why do you think Shakespeare included this scene in the play?

3/2 English 9RCP Agenda

Sneeze 3/2/18

How do you cope with a situation where two or more adults give you different rules or expect different things from you? What feelings do you experience during this kind of situation? Whom do you listen to and why?

Grade Test

3/2 English 1 Agenda

Sneeze 3/2/18

How do you cope with a situation where two or more adults give you different rules or expect different things from you? What feelings do you experience during this kind of situation? Whom do you listen to and why?

Chapter 14 and 15 quiz