4/10-4/12 English 2 Agendas

One class period is spent at the counselor’s office

The other BLOCK classwork is:

Quiz on chapter 2

Read chapter 3

Answer chapter 3 Questions

Chapter 3: “Huts on the Beach”

  1. Discuss the change in Jack’s personality that is described at the beginning of the chapter. What is Jack’s highest priority, and what does this tell us about him?
  2. How are the all of the boys except Ralph and Simon (and Jack) behaving? What is Golding telling us about human nature? What important qualities do Ralph, Simon, and Piggy have that the other boys seem to lack? 
  3. What is making it difficult for Ralph and Jack to communicate and get along? Where do you think their differences will lead? 
  4. Why do you think Jack and the littluns (and others, probably) have fears about a “beastie,” but Ralph, Simon, and Piggy don’t? What theme does this suggest? 
  5. What does this chapter reveal about Simon’s personality, and what importance do you think this will have later in the novel?

Grade checks and progress reports sent home.

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