4/17-4/20 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas

Proper in Text Citations

The Scottsboro 9 Trial went on for weeks (Stevens 9).

The Scottsboro 9 Trial went on for weeks (Stevens).

Paraphrased – taken information from an article and put it in my own words

  • This is fine, and even encouraged, but you still have to cite it – it isn’t yours!
  • We paraphrase information when we are not analyzing the language used in the quote
  • Quote for a research paper? Probably NOT

Embedding the Quote

If you are quoting from a source, you do not simply put the quote in the middle of your paragraph – this called drop quote and it is WRONG.

Give examples.

EDITING ROTATION STATIONS on computer.  Then edit own paper.

Disassemble stage from school play.

Write-Around Activity

Sit in groups of THREE.  Get out one piece of paper and one writing utensil.

Roles: Writer – Time Keeper – Idea Assistant
Rotate every 3 minutes

  1. Suddenly, before he could…
  2. The door slammed shut behind…
  3. Just before the bell rang…
  4. Water was seeping through…
  5. Ever so slowly, the shadowy figure…
  6. Everywhere she looked, Sue saw…

Can continue with reflections on stories, OR with groups of 8, one piece of paper for each person.

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