4/23-4/25 English 2 Agendas

SNEEZE 4/23 – complete the story…7 minutes

You go to the store with your parents and baby brother.  Your parents go into a store and tell you to watch your brother.  You take your eyes off your brother for just a minute and you can’t find him.  You…

Jigsaw Activity – LOTF Unit Student Resources two articles starting on page 79

One person:   Leader (reads and encourages)

One person:   Note taker

One person/two people: Annotate in margins

One person:   dunderlines concepts or words                     that require further exploration

  1. Look up words or concepts that are unclear
  2. What is the article communicating?
  3. Discuss how you will teach this information to the other group – rehearse
  4. Create three questions for understanding that we will ask the class as a whole at the end (these questions were turned into a quiz while they went to their teaching group…they took the quiz as a survival group and life points were deducted based on score)

Read 53-60

Write one bullet point per page summing up what happened in that page.  This may be on post-its OR on a separate piece of paper.


Check Homework – assign the rest of chapter 4, one note per page

Lord of the Flies – Pre-Reading Questions

  1. Describe a location or situation that would be paradise for you.
  2. Given the fact the Lord of the Flies is a survival story, what plot elements might you expect to find?
  3. Do you think people need rules, or would society be a better place if people were allowed to do whatever they wanted? Explain.
  4. What qualities do you think are necessary to be a good leader?
  5. If you were stranded on a tropical island, what do you think would be the greatest threat to your survival? How might you meet this threat?
  6. Think of a real-life survival story about a person or persons who survived in an isolated area. What kept them alive? What were their greatest challenges? Did they survive because of their skills, luck, or both?
  7. Do you see yourself as a survivor? What qualities, if any might you bring to a group stranded in the wilderness?
  8. At what age do you think young people are old enough to make their own decisions without adult supervision? Why?
  9. In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a civilized society? What are the drawbacks and advantages of a civilized society?

Groups of 8:

  1. 3 places/situations
  2. 3 plot elements/events
  3. Vote
  4. 3 qualities
  5. 3 threats
  6. 3 challenges
  7. 3 survivor qualities
  8. Age concensus
  9. 3 characteristics AND 2 drawbacks AND 2 advantages

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