4/13 English 1 and English 9RCP Agenda

Today the paper is due!  Make sure it is MLA formatted, turned in by 11:59 PM TODAY, and SHARED with me.

Remember, I can see when your last edit was, so do not touch it after 11:59, or I will have to mark it late. 🙁

As promised, here is your outline:


  1. Hook
  2. Bridge
  3. Thesis

    Body Paragraph ONE

    1. Topic sentence
    2. Evidence about the SB9
    3. Commentary – how or why this is similar to TKAM
    4. Evidence number 2
    5. Commentary

      Body Paragraph TWO

      1. Topic sentence
      2. Evidence about the JCL
      3. Commentary – how or why this is similar to TKAM
      4. Evidence number 2
      5. Commentary

        Conclusion – two or so sentences wrapping it up

TIPS: DO NOT use I, me, we, us, you


4/10-4/12 English 2 Agendas

One class period is spent at the counselor’s office

The other BLOCK classwork is:

Quiz on chapter 2

Read chapter 3

Answer chapter 3 Questions

Chapter 3: “Huts on the Beach”

  1. Discuss the change in Jack’s personality that is described at the beginning of the chapter. What is Jack’s highest priority, and what does this tell us about him?
  2. How are the all of the boys except Ralph and Simon (and Jack) behaving? What is Golding telling us about human nature? What important qualities do Ralph, Simon, and Piggy have that the other boys seem to lack? 
  3. What is making it difficult for Ralph and Jack to communicate and get along? Where do you think their differences will lead? 
  4. Why do you think Jack and the littluns (and others, probably) have fears about a “beastie,” but Ralph, Simon, and Piggy don’t? What theme does this suggest? 
  5. What does this chapter reveal about Simon’s personality, and what importance do you think this will have later in the novel?

Grade checks and progress reports sent home.

4/9 or 3/10 English 2 Block Agenda

How to blow a conch shell.

Conch shell article close reading.

Build the island on my wall.  One person from each survival group builds the island.  Everyone else makes island props, finishes the symbol, and posts all work on island to begin survival challenge.

Read chapter 2 and begin character charts for Piggy, Simon, and Jack.

4/5-4/6 English 1 Agendas


Chapter 29 Quiz followed by discussion

Conduct research


Read chapters 30 and 31 in class.  Create a 15 question quiz based on your reading.  The best quiz does not have to take the quiz.

4/5-4/6 English 2 Agendas


Exchange shelter instructions.  Draw the shelter based on the instructions.  This is now the instructor’s survival shelter.

Each group will now create a symbol for their survival group, with all names on the front of the paper.


Read chapter one in class.  Do focus questions in groups.

4/2-4/4 Drama Agenda


What should the set do?

  • Set the style and tone for the whole production
  • Create a mood
  • Give clues to the time and place of the action
  • Allow characters different options for action/movement

How are sets designed?

  • Designer reads and re-reads the script
  • Note the time of day, location, season, historical period and any set changes needed
  • Meeting with the director and entire design team to be sure all aspects work together
  • Dimensions/ floor plans of the stage to be used
  • Sketch of the set
  • 3-D model of the set

Go over how to make a scale drawing, so it can translate to a scale model

Measure classroom and create scale drawing of classroom in groups


Go over mistakes and misunderstandings of scale drawings

Do more examples

Start set choice scale drawing


Review scale drawings

Scale drawing/start model

4/2-4/4 English 2 Agenda


Watch Julius Caesar Videos


Go over block schedule change for testing

Get LOTF from the library

Show trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnCn2VTzY90

Begin survival activity


Survival Groups, finish plans, answer five reflection questions

Do research on building shelters

4/2-4/4 English 1 & 9RCP


Go to the library and learn how to research on GALE using Five Questions:

  • What are the Jim Crow Laws? How did they become laws?
  • How did the Jim Crow Laws impact the lives of African Americans in the South?
  • Who are the Scottsboro Boys?
  • What was their crime?
  • What are the details of the trial?


Read Chapter 23 in class in groups. Explain we will be skipping 24-27.

Answer chapter 23 questions.

Homework: Read Chapter 28


Chapter 28 Quiz

Close reading of http://softschools.com/literature/summary/to_kill_a_mocking_bird/chapters_24_27_summary/

Read Chapter 29 for homework