4/30-5/4; 5/7 English 2 Agendas


“Caged Bird” frame storyboard.


Copy essay questions and chart.  Read chapter 6 and answer chapter 6 questions.

Period 2 and 3 WEDNESDAY

Get out journals:

Sneeze 5/2/18 – 6 minutes

Write down these questions, skipping five lines in between each:

  1. The author makes reference to the past and to the future in this chapter.   Which character is thinking about these things?
  2. What, in particular, does he remember in the past?  How does it make him feel?
  3. What, in particular, does he think about in the future?  Who else is part of this conversation?


Have them get into their “Survival Groups.”  Read chapter 7, with focus on these questions, answering them along them way in their notebooks.

Twenty minutes left in class: Have students get into pairs, NOT threes or fours.  They may work alone or in pairs.  ONE “Battling Boys” close reading PER GROUP.

English 2 THURSDAY

  • Sneeze 5/3/18 – write in notebooks for 5 minutes
    What is bravery? Given the events of chapter 7, which character is most brave (Ralph/Piggy/Simon/Jack)? Prove your point.
  • Read Chapter 8 in Survival Groups…if groups are not on task, then write down their names and I will take off “life points.” – Students may BORROW the half sheet questions and share them. The next class will need them, so make sure they are returned.


Periods 2 and 3 FRIDAY

Read the paper titled BEELZEBUB out loud to the entire class.  This article is meant to help them understand chapter 8 and the title of the novel.

Hand out Lord of The Flies storyboard, one per person.  Follow directions on the sheet.  They may use my colored pencils, etc. (in the basket at the front of the room).  It is expected that they will put everything back neatly.  Appearances COUNT towards the grade, as do all presentations and work in life.  If you can’t draw well, I get it…but it should appear as though you tried your best and interpreted the text correctly.  If I cannot tell what you are trying to communicate, I will not grade it.

5/7 Monday

Read Chapter 9

Complete Venn Diagram on Jack and Ralph.  Have 5 points for each section with corresponding page numbers.

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