4/30-5/4; 5/7 English 9RCP Agendas


“Caged Bird” illustrate one frame per stanza.

Read vignette “House on Mango Street” and teach the students how to use the vignette analytical chart.  Model and ask them for help filling it in.


Read “Hairs” through “Cathy Queen of Cats”

Answer questions (at the front of the room)

Homework OR Extra time at the end of class:

Choose ONE of the vignettes, and fill out the chart using the vignette in your notebook.


  1. Write in notebooks:

Sneeze 5/2/18 – ten minutes

Write what you know about your name.  What does it mean?  How was it chosen? How do you feel about it?  What similes and metaphors would you use to describe your feelings about it?

VOCAB: Lopsided, Scrambling, Pleated, Dangle

You may read in groups, but for these particular questions, I need INDIVIDUAL answers for each student in NOTEBOOKS.

  1. Read: “Our Good Day”

1. Describe a good day with your friends?
2. Why do you think simple toys, like bicycles and kites, are still popular in an age of cell phones and video games?

  1. Read: “Laughter”

1. Which family member are you most like physically?  How?  Which family member are you most like in personality?  How?
2.  Do you feel like you often make friends with people who feel like you do?  Why or why not?  Give a few examples to support your answer.

Period 4  FRIDAY

Sneeze 5/3/18: Has someone else ever shown prejudice against you due to age, race, ethnicity, religious background, or something else?  What did the person do or say?  How did you react?

Language focus Sequence and Sentence Structure Worksheets

Students may work in pairs or alone.  ONE set of worksheets per pair, not two.  Staple and turn in at the end of class.
Period 4 Monday

Read: “Gil’s Furniture Bought & Sold,” “Meme Ortiz,” and “Louie, His Cousin & His Other Cousin”

Choose ONE of the vignettes that you relate the most to.  I would now like you to write one paragraph describing what you believe happened before the vignette started, and one concluding paragraph wrapping up and ending the story where it left off.

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