5/16-5/18 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas


Sneeze 5/16/18

Describe a situation where you were not able to communicate with another person.  Be sure to describe when and where it happened, how you felt, and what you did to deal with the situation.

Topic Sentence (Thesis/Mini-Thesis)

Evidence (Fortify)

Half page.


“Four Skinny Trees”

“No Speak English”

While reading:  identify TWO quotes/examples that show how ONE of your figurative language terms are used in this reading to answer the following prompt in a complete body paragraph.

How does House on Mango Street use figurative language to create meaning in the text?

5/17 –  5/18

Write a 1-2 sentence description of each of the woman neighbors listed in class.

Call up random students and copy their paragraphs.  Put them out of order.  Re-write the paragraphs so they are error free and so they students can see how what they did compares to what their peers did.  Several of the mistakes are often the same or similar.

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