5/8-5/9 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas


Figurative language worksheet with definitions!  Both sides.  Seven terms total.

alliteration; allusion; metaphor; personification; onomatopoeia; simile; symbolism; synesthesia

Read: “Marin,” “Those who Don’t,” and “There was an Old Woman…”


Pass back figurative language worksheets.  Have students work on them for another ten minutes.

Write figurative language terms in notebooks with definitions.  Fold a page in half with terms on the left and definitions on the right.

Sneeze 5/9/18

Recount an incident where you were scared or shared your fears with others.  Include their reactions to your fears.

Vocabulary 5/9/18

Doughty; Velvety; Cavern; Canteen; Anemic; Authority; Cue


“Alicia Who Sees Mice”

“Darius and the Clouds”

“And Some More”

“The Family of Little Feet”

Choose one to chart in your notebook.

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