9/6-9/7 English 9RCP Agenda


Please take out your notebooks.  Open to the table of contents.  Date and write page 3 in column one.  Write the title: Writing Warm Up in the second column.

Next, turn to page 3.  Label it page 3 in the upper right hand corner.  Write the title on the top line.  Write the prompt below that.


Write a thank you note to a friend who gave you onion and garlic-flavored chewing gum.  Minimum of four sentences.

Go over basic elements of a plot by having students write down the plot mountain and definitions, and then applying to the short story read yesterday.


9/7 Before Reading Warm Up – Page 5 in notebook (10 minutes)

True or False?  Why do you feel that way? Write down your well thought out reasons for why each option is true or false, in complete sentences.

  1. ___ Hunting is a sport.
  1. ___ Animals have no feelings.
  2. ___ Hunting is evil.
  3. ___ Hunting is unfair.
  4. ___ Animals have emotions.
  5. ___ Strength is more important than intelligence.
  6. ___ Bringing a gun to a knife fight is fair.

Share in groups.

Discuss as a class.

Vocabulary jigsaw on Monday.

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