Agendas 8/29-9/5 English 9RCP and English 1

8/29/18 Agenda

Welcome to your first year at Oxnard High School.

Today we will review the syllabus by using an annotation technique that we will utilize all year.  After, I will answer any questions and clarify.



Good afternoon!  You are in PERIOD 6!

Please take a seat and have a pen out.  Please be prepared for class BEFORE the bell rings.  You will need every second you can get.

Core Standard: Demonstrate your command of English grammar through writing or speaking

Give it your best try!  It isn’t your fault if you do not know how to do something.

Please place the diagnostic below this screen when you have completed it to THE BEST of your ability.

At this point you may work on something else and use your phone silently.


Today you need NOTHING on your desk.

Task One:

  1.     Sit in birthday order so that the person with the birthday closest to January 1 sits in Seat 1. The year you were born doesn’t matter. Don’t skip seats.
  2.           When everyone is seated, the student in Seat 5 will raise his or her hand and report that the class is ready


  1.             Sort yourselves into groups by the color of your shoe sole.
  2.             Next, each group forms two subgroups: students with curly hair and those with straight hair. You have curly or straight hair if you think you do.
  3.             Each sub-group finds enough chairs and sit in order from the person with the shortest hair to the person with the longest hair.


1)    Complete this challenge in complete silence: Remain silent for the entire activity. Do not talk or whisper after you enter the room.


2) In the room, line up in order of color of shirt, starting with the darkest color and moving to the lightest.


3) Then take your seats in order with the darkest color shirt in Seat 1.


4) Do not skip seats.


5) When the class is seated, the student in Seat 21 raises his or her hand, and when called on reports that the class is ready.

Please take one bowl per person.  The task is that you put the worm through the lifesaver gummy without touching the gummies with your hands.  You may only use the paperclips provided.

Fill as many boxes on the Bingo as you can.  Do not reuse a person.

9/4/18 Agenda

Good afternoon!  Please have your desk cleared and be ready to work.

Items of importance:

Beginning TOMORROW your syllabus should be ANNOTATED and signed.

You MUST have a notebook for this class and a pen that is blue or black.  I will randomly collect your notebooks throughout the year and grade them.

Today, we are going to talk about PRIDE and Professional Courtesy.

I will number you off into groups and you will work with those groups as instructed.  Listen carefully.

  1.                        Each group will have one and a half minutes to be at each station.
  2.                        You will write a word your group associates with the headlined word on the board.


Please take a seat anywhere and have your syllabus, notebook, and pen out.

Flip past your pride work, and go to the next blank page.  Label that page TABLE OF CONTENTS. Go to a whole new page, not the back of the last page.

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