9/27-10/8 English 1 and 9RCP Agendas

9/27/18 -9/28/18

Open up your notebooks.  Set up a new entry in your table of contents with the title: What is theme? Set up the page.



What is partition in India? Slideshow and discussion.

Please get a BLACK textbook from the shelf, if there is not one on your desk.

Open your notebooks to What is Partition in India and be ready to complete notes on the subject.  After, we will begin to work on the short story, along with some analysis questions, and then collect notebooks (as promised).



Read “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine”

In notebook, Page 12 Title: Analyze Lines for Character Development and Theme

Analyze lines:

1-14 Describe the details about Mr. Pirzada’s life and what that reveals about his character.

31-44 What do the details about the narrator’s parents reveal about them?  What broad theme of the story might be suggested by the details?

110-116  Do Lilia’s parents feel she is receiving a good education?  Cite details to support your answer.

9/28 Read and analyze lines:

149-151 What do these lines reveal about Mr. Pirzada’s connection to his homeland, even though he is thousands of miles away from it?

223-232  What do Lilia’s thoughts and processes reveal about theme?

10/4-10/5 Analyze lines:

336-343 (what inferences can you draw about Lilia’s emotional growth?)

366-371 (What do these lines indicate about Mr. Pirzada’s connection with Lilia?)

What do the two different reactions Mr. Pirzada had after heard in the news reports tell us about him?

Answer: What feeling or message is conveyed by the scene of the adults sitting together with the TV turned off and Mr. Pirzada in the uncharacteristic pose of his head in his hands?  What might have happened?

Answer: Paraphrase lines 538-540 in your own words.  How does repetition lend power to the description, here?  Repetition is a rhetorical device writers use to focus attention on a particular idea or image.


Please get out your notebooks.  Open to the table of contents.  The date is 10/8/18, the new title will be Grammar: Parts of Speech.  I think we are on page 15?

Turn to page 15.  Number the page, but do not title it.  Wait for instructions.

I will check the questions from Friday while you are doing this.

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