11/27-11/29 English 9RCP & English 1 Agendas

11/29 Thursday

Read 191-195 

Answer questions on 196 and 197 in the textbook itself, not in your notebook.

This is a lot of work, so you must get started right away.  

I will check all work and give credit for it Friday.

I am collecting notebooks Friday, as well.


11/28 Wednesday

10 minutes:

Turn to page 187 in textbook.  Copy questions 1-3 in notebook:

Page __ 11/28/18 “Developing Context”

3 minutes:

Compare answers with a partner.


Turn to page 188 and 189 in your textbook.  Follow instructions. INDEPENDENT work.

11/27 Agenda

Get YOUR computer and a fill in the blank sheet.  This is an introduction to the library.  Go to:


class code: nidemob

sign in using your school google account (studentID#@oxnardunion.org)

Watch the videos in order and fill in the note sheet.  Collected at the end of class.

When done, turn to page 186 and answer questions one and two directly in the textbook.


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