1/17-1/30 English 9RCP & English 1 Agendas


Quiz on TKAM Chapters 20-22

Read Chapter 23

Once you are done reading, give the chapter a title based on what happened in the chapter.  Write down the title you came up with on a spare piece of paper.  Explain your reason in two or three sentences.

Do the same for chapter 24 for homework. I will collect tomorrow.


Read Chapter 21.  Complete pages 256-258 in your workbook.

Homework: Read Chapter 22 in TKAM and complete workbook pages, if you were unable to do so in class.  Quiz tomorrow on 20-22.

1/23-1/25 FINALS


Review for finals

Paragraph structure and grammar.


Go over Essay Question Options for Final


Quiz on Chapters 17-19

Character Chart

Homework: Read chapter 20


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