2/14 & 2/15 English 9RCP & English 1


Good Morning!

Get out your notebooks and open to the “Hip Hop Reflection” from Tuesday.

Under your initial response please answer this prompt in four sentences or more:

What is your favorite song or one of your favorite songs?  Why?  What makes the song appealing to you?




What are things I can do in order to better my quality of life (1) at school and (2) at home.

Please have an introduction paragraph, a body paragraph with two pieces of evidence, a second body paragraph with two pieces of evidence, and a conclusion.




Get a computer

Go to noredink.com

Sign in using Google.  Start the assignment “Timed Writing”

You may use all of your notes and the lyrics on Google Classroom.

Explain how the two songs “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” by Lauryn Hill and “Hard Times” by Run DMC use two of the following literary terms: simile, metaphor, allusion, and/or imagery.

Hint: choose two only. Make one body paragraph about one (two examples) and make the second body paragraph about the other choice (two examples).


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