5/27/19 – 5/31/19 English 1CP & English 2 Agendas


Read Act 4 Scenes 1-3 R&J and have presentations


Read ACT 4 SCENE 4-5 & ACT 5 SCENE 1-2 R&J and have presentations


Complete visual notes for characters and walk up songs (see 5/17)


Read Act 5 SCENE 3 R&J and have presentation


Begin final project, choice of two

Whole project instructions posted on Google Classroom


Extra Credit Options….use up to TWO

10 Point Assignments

  1. Read an article that relates to a story or idea discussed in class. You may find articles on teentribune.com or on newsela.com. Write a half to one page summary of the article with commentary about what you read.


  1. As you are reading independently, find five words you don’t know.  Copy the sentences from which the words appear and then look up and copy the definition.


  1. Find an online age appropriate writing contest and copy a submitted entry to bring to class.


  1. Write a one page letter of appreciation using letter writing format to a person or business that has helped you in some way.  Express your gratitude to them giving specific examples of what they did that helped you.  Deliver the letter and bring me a copy.


  1. Write a song or poem of 20 or more lines. Get 20 points if you make it into a PowerPoint with images.


  1. Read about an author you have enjoyed and list 20 facts about this author.


  1. Write 10 questions and interview a parent or another adult about what life was like for them as a teenager.


  1. Go to myspellit.com and click on one of the languages or fields from “Words From.” Select the tab marked “You Try It.”  Attempt and print any 20 questions with answers that you read and understood.


  1. Rewrite a chapter of a book you read as a screenplay for a movie. Use character names for your dialogue.


5/20/19-5/24/19 English 1 & 9RCP Agendas


Students’ storyboard and R&J PRESENTATION:

Act 2 Scene 5 – Act 3 Scene 1


Students’ storyboard and R&J PRESENTATION:

Act 3 Scenes 2-3


Students’ storyboard and R&J PRESENTATION:

Act 3 Scenes 4-5


Mini one-on-one student conferences re: grade and missing work



Students’ storyboard and R&J PRESENTATION:

Act 4 Scenes 1-3



5/15/19-5/17/19 English 1 & English 9RCP Agendas


Presentations and discussion of: Act 2 Scenes 3-4


Dissect and paraphrase each line of the balcony scene in class.

Each pair of students were assigned 15 lines to paraphrase into how they would say the lines today.  Then we went around the class in order of the scene and read out the interpreted lines.


Get out your notebook. Write: 5/17/19 Page ____ “Visual Notes for Characters”

On this page (or another that you glue/staple in) please create some visual notes that will help identify the relationships of the characters, what their personality is like, and what major things they have said or done. Some ideas for these visual notes are on the board, though you can choose your own way.

EACH character, after they are identified and THOROUGHLY described, should then be given a theme song. Choose a theme song (or walk-up song for baseball fans) from your own music tastes or pop culture that you feel fits the character and what they are about.

There are FIFTEEN characters total. I will stamp these for full credit of 20 points on Monday.

5/9/19-5/10/19 English I and English 9RCP Agendas


Today students presented Act 1 Scenes 2-3, the corresponding storyboard, and we watched the scenes from the movie.

After, we discussed Direct and Indirect Characterization by expanding the character T chart and writing down what the impressions are of some of the main characters.


Today I reviewed a brief history of The Globe Theatre.


After I asked the students to work in pairs to construct a mini model using the printable: https://www.papertoys.com/images/globe.pdf?

5/2 – 5/8 English 1 and English 1RCP Agendas


Assign Romeo and Juliet Scenes

Explain project that is posted on Google Classroom (storyboard, present, act out)

5/3/19, 5/6/19, 5/7/19

Work on project in groups.  Whatever is not complete is now homework.


Prologue as a preview – what do we now know will happen?

Act 1 Scene 1 – listen to audio book

Watch movie – 13 minutes

Make “Characters of R & J” T Chart in notebook

List Montague and Capulet characters along with what we know about them


5/1/10 English 9RCP and 1 Agendas

Iambic Pentameter check for understanding using a group whiteboard and list of questions.

Google Slide 4 Slide Creation and Gallery Walk

I will give each pair their own literary term and they will make a GS presentation.

Google Slide Requirements:

  1. SLIDE ONE: your literary term
  2. SLIDE TWO: your definition
  3. SLIDE THREE: an example of how your literary term works
  4. SLIDE FOUR: a picture representing your literary term

5/1/19 Page _____ “Literary Terms”

TERM DEFINITION EXAMPLE or Description of image