Extra Credit Options….use up to TWO

10 Point Assignments

  1. Read an article that relates to a story or idea discussed in class. You may find articles on teentribune.com or on newsela.com. Write a half to one page summary of the article with commentary about what you read.


  1. As you are reading independently, find five words you don’t know.  Copy the sentences from which the words appear and then look up and copy the definition.


  1. Find an online age appropriate writing contest and copy a submitted entry to bring to class.


  1. Write a one page letter of appreciation using letter writing format to a person or business that has helped you in some way.  Express your gratitude to them giving specific examples of what they did that helped you.  Deliver the letter and bring me a copy.


  1. Write a song or poem of 20 or more lines. Get 20 points if you make it into a PowerPoint with images.


  1. Read about an author you have enjoyed and list 20 facts about this author.


  1. Write 10 questions and interview a parent or another adult about what life was like for them as a teenager.


  1. Go to myspellit.com and click on one of the languages or fields from “Words From.” Select the tab marked “You Try It.”  Attempt and print any 20 questions with answers that you read and understood.


  1. Rewrite a chapter of a book you read as a screenplay for a movie. Use character names for your dialogue.


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