9/23/19-10/2/19 English 1H Agendas


Go over project options and start working.


Complete MDG in groups.  Answer questions 1, 4, 8 on page 58 of your textbook.  Answer, additionally, “Was the game fair?  Why or why not?”


STEAL chart based on your favorite movie villain


Go over what visual notes are.  Take visual notes for the short story as a listening activity from MDG short story.


Review the reading and give extra time for completing diagrams.  Make sure notebook is complete.


Hello everyone!  I am not here!  

Read your own books silently for the first ten minutes of class.  After…

Get out paper for the following work:

On this page (or another that you glue/staple in your notebook) please create a visual of each of the characters,describing what they look like, what their personality is like, and what major things they have said or done.  One example for you character sketches is attached in Google Classroom.

EACH character, after they are identified and THOROUGHLY described, should then be given a theme song.  Choose a theme song (or walk-up song for baseball fans) from your own music tastes or pop culture that you feel fits the character and what they are about.

There are FOUR characters total. You can use your STEAL notes to help create your characters.  I will collect your notebooks first thing Thursday.

Don’t forget to add Theme/Walk Up Song.


Hello my beautiful students!

After your ten minutes of silent reading, please get out your notebooks and textbooks. Based on the reading done yesterday, you should be able to fill in your STEAL charts pretty thoroughly for EVERY INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER.

I expect at least three items per letter in STEAL for every individual character (not total). You may or may not be able to fill out the letter “T” (“thoughts”) for the characters. This would depend on narration style.


Dates and goals for projects.


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