9/9/19-9/13/19 English Honors Agendas


Library activity and worksheet.


Vocabulary.com interface familiarity with vocabulary from MDG. Define in notebook.  Complete assigned vocabulary.

  1. tangible
  2. indolent
  3. droll
  4. recede
  5. staccato
  6. opaque
  7. palatial
  8. mirage
  9. gargoyle
  10. discern
  11. disarming


  1. amenities
  2. ardent
  3. surmount
  4. debacle
  5. security
  6. cunning
  7. attribute
  8. condone
  9. invariably
  10. imprudent




Speed Dating Socratic Seminar (in notebook).

Padlet exercise to share some answers and familiarize students with this interface.


In notebook:

Most Dangerous Game Anticipation Questions


Write down each statement as we go.  Write two sentences or more in response to whether you agree or disagree with each statement.

  1. Hunting is a sport.
  2. Animals have no feelings or emotions.
  3. If faced with a seemingly impossible task, you should never try to accomplish it.
  4. Hunting is unfair.
  5. People who tend to do well under pressure, often succeed at their tasks.
  6. Physical strength is more important than intelligence.
  7. Bringing a gun to a knife fight is fair.
  8. Murder is wrong no matter what the circumstances may be.
  9. Your first impression of a person is always right.


Peer edit short stories that were completed in class Friday or over the weekend using peer editing worksheet.  Edit and return tomorrow.  Staple in this order, front to back: Final Copy, Rough Draft, Peer Editing Worksheet.

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