10/21/19-10/25/19 English H Agendas


Log into noredink.com and begin assignment.


Literary Marxism


Please get a Dell Computer from the front if you want to read “Metamorphosis” on the computer. If you want to read on your phone, read using the attached PDF. As discussed, read through paragraph 60 while writing a few key words for each paragraph. This must be done tomorrow. Expect a quiz.


The Metamorphosis SELECT analysis – Google Classroom

TODAY! You have three main tasks to focus on:

1) If you did not finish your CAASPP, you may complete it by entering the air test by entering this code:

2) Done with the CAASPP? Move onto your CommonLit work that you probably did not complete from last week. CommonLit.org
QUESTIONS 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

3) Done with CommonLit? Go back and look at your book check slides on GC. Did you finish them and turn them in? Are you unhappy with your grade? Fix it.

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