Criminal Law

October 21-25

Review main objections used in court (Monday and Tuesday)

Kahoot on objections, studying objections (Wednesday)


Witnesses: Please ensure that your annotations on your characters are complete.

Please write 10 questions you feel your attorney should ask

Please write 5 questions you feel the opposing attorney should ask

I will check annotations and your 15 questions tomorrow for a total of 30 points.

Attorneys:  Please have at least one witnesses direct examination questions and another’s cross examination questions done.  This will be 30 points I will check tomorrow.

Timekeepers: distribute your time cards and choose a witness to annotate.  Time card verification and annotations checked tomorrow for 30 points.

Bailiffs:  Are your notecards done?  Take thorough notes on your rules of the courtroom in your notebook.  I will check notecards and notes tomorrow for 30 points.

Pretrial: Please annotate and have summaries for at least three cases from the case packet.


Annotate witness statements, assign different witnesses to attorneys


Review roles with veteran team members


No class


Go over roles and purposes


Discuss your role and purpose with your team.  Write on the board.


Go over errata one by one

10/7/19 – 10/10/19

Auditions for different trial parts


Character sketch for witness testimony is attached in Google Classroom.

Attorney would-bes need to prepare an opening statement. Start first with page 5 section E in the textbook to guide you into this process. Next look at page 21 for opening statement prep.

After, look at the elements of the crime you want to defend/prosecute. Finally, attempt an opening statement.

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