11/22/19 English 1H Agenda

Book Talks

Hand back character descriptions.  Play: Which character am I?

Go over plot mountain.  Write notes on piece of paper.

Watch these videos and apply the plot mountain to it on the back of your piece of paper.  Do not lose this as we will need this when you come back from break.

11/22/19 English 1CP Agenda

Please have out your novel and a piece of paper.

We will read pages 45 – 55 together.

Please write a reflection that is at least 5 sentences on the reading.  You may speak about whatever stuck you as interesting.  If you are stuck, focus on questions like these:

  1. What happened in this part of the novel?
  2. Why would step-father do this?  What are his motivations?
  3. Does Lakshmi know?
  4. Does Ama know?
  5. What do you think is going to happen in the story (predictions)?

Go over plot mountain.  Write notes on bottom of reflection.

Watch these videos and apply the plot mountain to it on the back of your piece of paper.  Do not lose this as we will need this when you come back from break.

11/21/19 English 1CP Agendas

Periods 1, 2, 3

Please have out your group discussion preparation work.  I will come around and stamp it.


If you do not have your work done, you will not be allowed to participate until it is completed.

I will put you into groups based on what assignment you completed.

  1. Introduce yourselves.
    Hi, my name is ___________.
  2. Identify which role you were assigned to.
    I was assigned to ___________.
  3. Write down the names of your group members and what role they each have.

    Every time a person contributes to the conversation, make a check mark next to their name.

  4. Start with Inquiry Master. Present one question at a time and have the group discuss. Then move clockwise to the next person once all questions have been addressed.

At the end, please reflect on one interesting item that you discussed in your groups using at leas three sentences.


Period 6

I am in a meeting.  Sorry!

Please get out your novels and a piece of paper.  Think about what happens in the novel.  How can you relate Lakshmi’s experiences to what is happening around you, around your town, in the news, or otherwise?  Choose FIVE connections to your own world outside the novel and write a paragraph for each one describing how they two things connect.

11/21/19 English H Agenda

Period 5 Honors English

Write on a piece of paper your account of your first day in high school. Write it explaining what your day was like, if there were any social outcasts identified immediately, and what people around you were like. What were your emotions that day?  Did your perspective change as the day went on? Do you have the same feelings or experience still?

b. Close reading of pages 51-59 (Antonio’s first day at school)
Pick out relevant sentences, or concrete detail, from the text.

Questions to ask here would be:

Why are we told that “the sun did not sing as it came over the hill” (p. 51) on Antonio’s first day of school?

How do you think Antonio is feeling?

Do the adults around him make this better or worse? How do the other children in the class react towards him?

What does Antonio do at school on the first day; is he a good pupil?

What happens at lunch time?

Turn in at the end of class.

11/20/19 English 1H Agenda

Students will do ten book talks.

Students will be given ten minutes to guess who the character is that has been described.

Finally, students will be allowed to use the rest of class to complete the sociogram.

Homework: read chapters 7 and 8

11/20/19 English 1CP Agenda

Today we are reviewing what the four different discussion group roles are, what the requirements are, and who is assigned to which role.

Students will then complete their role assignment so that they can participate in group discussion tomorrow.  Should a student not complete their work, they will not be allowed to discuss until the work is completed.

Roles and role assignments are posted on Google Classroom.

Period 6

Period 6 will be silently reading pages 35-44.  Students are instructed to stop after each vignette and fill out the character chart.  Ensure that they have added Tali and the city woman to their character charts.

11/19/19 English 1H

1. Put together a sociogram of Antonio’s whole family.

Add in who each member is, what we know about them, and what concerns them

2. Homework: write a very brief description of a family member without mentioning the name.


Sociogram examples:



11/19/19 English 1CP Agenda


Quiz on the reading, two questions

Read 34-44 as a class while filling out character chart.  Read one vignette and then write down character chart items, then move to the other, and so on.


Make sure to add Tali and Mysterious Woman/”Auntie”